What kind of lace is used for lace wigs?

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If you plan to purchase a wig.there is an important thing,what kind of lace base is used for this wig.

Generally speaking there are four varieties of bases:Korean lace,French lace,swiss lace,HD lace.But what’s the difference of these laces? How do you choose one?

But in fact french lace and swiss lace are two types of lace mostly used in wigs. As many people have commented, Swiss lace is slightly softer than French lace. The latter being harder is also more strong. The quality of lace is really important for a wig.

French lace is the stronger of the cap laces, and is recommended for first-time buyers because of its durability. Though both laces are said to be virtually invisible on the scalp, because of the strength and thickness of the French lace, it is the more noticeable of the two. French lace can bear medium hair density; if thicker, the lace will tear easily. The lifespan of a French lace hairpiece is usually 4-6 months. If it is cared for properly, it may last even longer. Generally, French lace is used more often than Swiss lace.

Swiss lace is a fine material that should be handled with care. The net is finer than that of French lace, so it less visible than French lace. Swiss lace is softer and more delicate than French lace but easier to tear while applying. Thus, Swiss lace cannot bear heavy hair density; medium light density is the maximum. The lifespan of a Swiss lace hairpiece is shorter than a French lace hairpiece.

HD lace is the most popular lace recently, especially among the experienced wig wearers.  HD lace usually come in only transparent lace. Because it is very natural, truly invisible, transparent HD lace matches all complexions.

Swiss lace is slightly thicker as compared to the HD lace. But this doesn’t mean that it truly is visible. Believe it or not this lace can also be a super lace for the front, as you cannot see it. It’s also a lot more tough in strength. There are different lace colors to match different skin colors,light brown lace color,medium brown lace color or dark brown lace color. This is most used in hair companies. It is durable and natural. and it can be tinted different shades of brown to blend with a variety of complexions.

Swiss lace is finer, and more fragile, than French lace, and blends better with the skin for a less visible appearance. French lace is slightly thicker and more durable. We generally recommend that first time buyers go with French lace because they are inexperienced at wig application and removal and are more likely to damage a wig cap made of swiss lace.

So Swiss lace or French lace or HD lace? That all depends on you. If you would like a softer and more invisible base and light hair density, Swiss lace is good enough. If you would like the hairpiece to last longer and need thicker hair density, French lace would be a great choice. HD lace is very thin, very soft, very comfortable (of course), but it is fragile. It is favorite of people with experience applying and removing wigs.no matter what lace type you choose, both will give the most realistic hairline if you're looking for a natural looking lace wig.

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