6 Celebrities Who’ll Inspire You to Wear Wigs

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It’s tough to decide on a wig.  There are thousands of choices many of which will make you look amazing.

You can streamline the process by seeking out inspiration from fashion-centric celebrities who wear faux-hair.

Hopefully, our list of celebrity wig-wearers will make your choice just a little bit easier.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a lot of things.  She’s a billionaire makeup mogul, a social influencer, and a reality show stalwart.  But she’s also famous for making wig choices that are as striking as they are innovative.

Kylie Jenner wig

First there are colors: Jenner has been seen sporting neon green, teal, and fuchsia faux hair.  Then there are the styles that range from short bobs to cornrows and even high ponytails.  Jenner’s affinity for wigs was influenced mainly by social media.  The world famous fashionista reached out to hair stylist Tokyo Stylez with photographs of looks she wished to replicate, after being inspired by his work on Instagram.

For Jenner, wigs aren’t just an accessory.  They’re a talking point for her fans.  Her loyal followers always eagerly await her legendary forays on the red carpet – where she’ll have a new and existing faux hairstyle on full display.


When Rihanna did a photoshoot for Tush agazine, her flowing silver wig reflected her confidence and poise.

Rihanna Wig

Just like Kylie Jenner, the pop princess leveraged the wig expertise of Tokyo Stylez for the photoshoot. He was (not too surprisingly) willing to drop everything to work with the likes of Rihanna. While others in the industry might be hamstrung by P.R. teams and overzealous stylists, Stylez reputation is such that he’s given the creative control he needs to make his wigs pop. 

Mixing Stylez’s keen ability and Rihanna’s fierce persona, it’s no surprise that Rihanna’s Tush magazine shoot put her beauty and power on full display. 

Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj is the picture of confidence, charisma, and swagger. No more is this evident than in her choice of hairpieces.

The vibrant, candy-colored wigs that have become synonymous with Minaj established her during her first few years on the music scene.

Nicki Minaj Wig

As the artist’s career has skyrocketed, her wigs have become more subdued, refined, and elegant. According to Minaj’s hairstylist Oscar James, she sought guidance from Tyra Banks. The model’s advice helped Nicki bring her style to a more natural place.  Still, the dialed-back wig choices maintain the bold edge that brought her to the dance.

Realistically, Minaj can go either way with her wigs while making them look good. Whether it’s an understated, softer, and sophisticated look, or an out-of-control cotton-candy-esque barrage, Nicki will rock it the right way. 


Interestingly, Sia wears wigs to hide from the public and the paparazzi. She enjoyed a successful career coupled with anonymity before Chandelier and Cheap Thrills took her to new heights. Thus, she felt the need to disguise herself.

When performing or walking the red carpet, Sia's blonde and black shoulder-length faux-hair covers her full face. In fact, she once explained to James Corden on his “Late Late Show” that wigs are only a part of her wardrobe when the cameras are on. 

 Sia Wig

While Sia hasn’t ever worn wigs to look great, they’ve become an incidental fashion statement over the years.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is known for changing up her wigs as much as most of us change our socks. She’ll regularly sport multiple looks per week.

To Palmer, wigs are an extension of her adventurous nature and gregarious personality. She claims that her revolving faux-hairstyles and extroverted fashion sense are both indicative of her vivacious attitude. Palmer has gone onto explain that she loves unabashedly being herself and how wigs reinforce that love.

Keke Palmer Wig

As somewhat of a wig advocate, Palmer encourages fans to try them since they’re risk-free, easy to fix, and temporary.


The actress and singer will model wigs at any number of events, having roamed the red carpet with a short pixie do, slicked-back hair, and a bowl cut bob.

Zendaya Wig

With her fun and fresh hairstyles, Zendaya is sometimes on the receiving end of some backlash.

Her response? A video on Instagram explaining to people that she’s just wearing different wigs and that there’s no need to stress out.

If these celebrities make one thing clear, it’s that wig styles are virtually endless and that there are a plethora of reasons to try them out. It’s a low-risk fashion choice with a high reward when you make the right choice that suits your style.

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