Picking the Best Wig Style

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The wig life is the good life.

But first-time wig buyers might have some hesitation because they don't know what to look for. It's like starting a job without training; with a blank slate, how is anyone supposed to know where to start?

Do not fret in the face of choosing a wig. Because below, are a few wig-buying essentials to consider. Even veteran wig-buyers may benefit from these tips.

The Short and Long of It

Those living in humid areas like Arizona are better off with shorter styles because they don’t retain heat. They also dry fast, take no time to style, and are the cheaper choice. So, if maintenance is a sticking point, go short!

Long hair will leave wig-wearers feeling warm, making them perfect for colder climates. And of course, with longer wigs, there’s going to be more styling options. 

For those seeking a hybrid or in-between choice, there are also medium-length wigs.

Talking Textures

Wig texture choices are simple. The options are straight, wavy, or curly. Note that curly is best for hotter climates.

The Wig and Face Connection

A wig will only look good if it matches the wearer’s face. The shape of a face is a determiner in the optimal length, texture, and style of a wig. 

Here’s a breakdown of face shapes and the wigs which best suit them: 

  • Round Face
    • Best suited for shorter, swept-back wigs or longer wigs that go well past the chin 
    • Search for styles that add fullness and height at the crown of the head
    • Wigs should also include parts that are off center
    • Avoid wigs with the following features: chin-length hair, rounded lines, center parts, short cropped styles, and fullness at the side of the ears
  • Square Shape
    • Best suited for short-to-medium length wigs with waves or roundness surrounding the face
    • Complimented by wispy bangs, off-center parts, and height at the crown of the head that elongate a symmetrical face shape
    • Softened by layers and wispy looks
    • Curls and waves balance straight features
    • Wigs ending before the jawline look good with a layered bob
    • Avoid wigs with the following features: linear lines, center parts, and long/straight styles such as straight bobs ending at the jawline
  • Oblong Shape
    • Best suited for short and medium-length wigs which distract from the face length
    • Layers soften straight face lines
    • Side parts minimize the geometrical facial structure
    • Wispy bangs create a shortening effect
    • Wigs with full sides add facial width
    • Avoid wigs with the following features: tallness and center parts
  • Heart Shape
    • Best suited for chin-length and longer wigs with either side-parted hair, layers that are swept forward around the upper section of the face, or wispy bangs
    • A chin-length bob gives fullness in the desired areas
    • Shorter styles work, but the more heart-shaped the face, the more it becomes necessary to find a style that adds weight to the back of the nape. This brings out the cheekbones and narrows the chin
    • Avoid wigs with the following features: short/full styles with tapered necklines and too much weight at the crown
  • Diamond Shape
    • Perfectly suited for almost any wig
    • More dramatic shapes are complimented by short wigs that offer more weight to the nape
    • The only feature to avoid is long hair because it will hide optimal facial features
  • Pear Shape
    • Best suited for wigs that enhance forehead and temple width – as it makes the face seem more oval
    • Hair should be closer to the head on the sides and at the nape to detract from jawline width
    • The only feature to avoid is hair that’s full and long because it’ll emphasize the jawline

The Right Wig for the Right Lifestyle

Those spending their days indoors working at a desk would benefit most from heat-friendly or synthetic wigs. Although they’re less durable, these wigs are the affordable option. Since they won’t be put through duress, these wigs a perfect fit for this lifestyle.

Conversely, more active individuals should seek wigs with human hair or Remy hair hybrid wigs. These are the most durable wigs on the market.

It’s Time to Start Searching

Ready to start looking for the perfect wig?

There are still the matters of cap size and construction to consider. However, this primer should have provided enough information to get any aspiring wig buyer started on their journey.  

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