How to Care for a Human Hair Wig

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Detangle hair gently before washing. Do not rub or twist the hair.

Add mild shampoo to cool water and swish hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.

Wash the hair in one direction. From top to bottom, avoid washing hair upside down in the sink. Use shampoos and conditioners that are for dry hair and add the most moisture. Wash hair right after swimming. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part to keep it from shedding or streching.

when you wash your hair only using conditioner,the conditioner is used in this wash to provide your hair with moisture and shine,and also help hydrate the hair.most people will say the conditioner is the most important part of the washing process.

Blot out excess water with towel and allow the hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to sun.

Comb curly hair gently with your fingers. Do not brush.

Brush straighter hair in downward motion straight with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.

To straighten, take a 1 inch section starting at the roots and run a flat iron to the ends.

To curl, wrap the hair around a curling iron and hold for 10 seconds and release.

If desired use hair spray on the final styled product.


Wash or rinse all human hair products and style before wearing. Human hair is not ready to wear out of the box.

Rinsing with hot water will damage the cap.

Do not dry on a solid form or mannequin head to avoid stretching the cap.

We do not recommend sleeping, showering or swimming while wearing the wig.

Store the wig on a wig stand to avoid unwanted kinks or crimps.

Lace is delicate and should not be tugged or pulled.

Avoid brushing the hair when wet to prevent damage.

Consult your hair stylist if in doubt.Any cutting or chemical processes, such as perming or coloring, should be done by a professional hair stylist. We do not recommend lifting or bleaching human hair; depositing color provides the best result.

Hair may tangles if general care directions are not followed properly.

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